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Can this be real?

   From everything I read and look at, I find myself going back and forth between the idea of a horrible time comming up to this is the place where I can make the most beautiful life I can think of. Sometimes it all seems to fantastic for me to comphrehend.  We live in a time where we can observe the bottom of the ocean as well as stars farther in space than we can see.  In this time, we are able to witness all news, right now, and look into the archives of the past with wide open minds. Photos show us the details of our DNA and amazing wildlife scenes.

   We are also witness to a lot of talk  that hits our deepest psychics with questions about our own worthfulness as well as the choices of others that somehow can impact our lifes. It is a time, to me of decisions and speaking out about what I want in my life.  During this era of my life, I sometimes get lost in the sensation of fear over making wrong choices.

   I know, from my own experiences, that I bring forth energy in many forms, with my thoughts. Because I am aware of the power of my thinking, it seems crucial that I think the right thoughts to bring about a future that is filled with joy, beauty and love for me as well as many. With that simple idea, comes a complex dance of fears that at times freezes me, which is the opposite of what I creatively desire, and yet find myself, at times unable to free myself from.

   I am finding the universe, as the great loving conscious being she is, comes to my rescue, if I allow her to. I am sure she laughs at me a lot though, and possibly even cries. But, she stands always ready to teach me and offer love.  I have found so many others that offer so much positive energy in so many forms in my life from my friends, my co workers, the internet and then there is the wonderful spaces provided by the great mother earth for me to find the truth so I can thaw and move forward with my happiness and life.  This is a thank you to all the love that is constantly present from all, and also an acknowledgement for those who also get stuck.  We are all progressing along wonderfully and what is here is a continual flow of intelligence and love.  My message is to simply do the next thing you believe is right, even if it is simply doing the dishes or taking a walk, but do all with awareness of what you are doing at the moment and with gratitude for having the experience.  I believe those are keys to creating more happiness. 

    Spend time laughing, dancing, observing this ride. I have found by making a few silly noises when my brain feels overloaded helps, so does making some unusual body movements, I think it unclogs the muck of fear. Perhaps during our evolution towards another level of consciousness, some of the transformation involves a more intense kind of energy to raise it, or perhaps thinking we can reason it into sense is not the way it works. Perhaps it is not done with a linear type of thought, but rather a sensation that we must pull out of our hearts. Perhaps it can only come from experiencing things and the learning process as well as acknowledgement we get by being in it. Perhaps by being willing to reach out into the universe it will respond as a lover, rather than simply trying to figure out what is real, as I seem to want to do, which gets me confused.  Yes, if the universe is alive, she must not want me to be self involved, but rather, involved with her and showing her how wonderful she is to me.




Carbon 7

 Discovery in our general make up with carbon 6 transforming to carbon 7 with meditation.  I will post links as able. This is a very powerful tool for us to use to assist with manifesting our thoughts and moving into higher frequency as the spiritual beings we are. I send love and blessings.

This is the only time, now.

Right now I am aware, right now I am in love, right now I am happy.

Right now I am a  full spectrum light being who is able to tune into the music of the universe that beats within my own heart.

Right now I am whole and at peace.

Thank you blessed life force for this gift of life and for loving me.